Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Code of conduct for bloggers?

I've only recently discovered the joys of blogs and since I did have spent a lot of time browsing through various variations of these. Everyone seems to be very friendly and it can be a pleasant way of whiling away the lunch hour.

When I read about Kathy Sierra and the comments that had been posted on both her blog and others it made me angry. Why oh why do people have to be so abusive?

I do not understand the mentality of people who feel the urge to do such a thing. It's not big and it's not clever. It doesn't make you look cool. If you don't like what you are reading go and read something else.

Anyway, rant over for the day.

Edit: Having ranted and knowing some of you may have followed the links I posted I thought I ought to add a bit here. Chris Locke who is also known as RageBoy has a response on his site. He seems a reasonable guy, who admittedly doesn't like Kathy. I don't believe he has posted any of the extremely derogatory comments that can be seen, and he has done the courtesy of taking down the sites where stuff was posted. I just feel that overall it's a shame that the only way round this seems to be some sort of censorship such as applying comment moderation on all blog sites. I also have to say that that wouldn't stop the site hosters receiveng abusive comments. What can be done?

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Not Good

I think I'm going to give up here for a while. I'm having far more fun reading everyone else's blogs!

When I sort out my photo retrieval, or get wound up about something, I'll be back!

Friday, 16 March 2007

Kiss that Frog

Not sure why but this track popped into my head the other day. Been singing it to myself ever since. It's Peter Gabriel (he's from my neck of the woods these days) with Kiss That Frog.
The You Tube version that I've found has a Farscape video accompanying it, not quite how I visualised it but the only rendition I found that met the audio version I remember so well.

As a female it makes me think of so many cheesy chat up lines, and it's rude (or is that just my mind playing up again?) but I played it sooooo many times, with a big grin on my face.

Anyway, that's my latest music post - hope you enjoyed the track.

Giggle quote

Just had to post to mention my giggle moment. Sad as I am with my reality TV I am watching Comic Relief Does The Apprentice. Giggle making quote (well, for me at least) - Cheryl (Tweedy) Cole (of Girls Aloud "fame") to Trinny (from What Not To Wear) - "Have you got a touch of that OCD?".

Sorry, I know I'm sad!

Edit: Just to say didn't the girls do well! In fact they all did well the combined amount was excellent!

Wednesday, 7 March 2007


One night in 2004 a group of us girls from work got together at Liz’s house, we had a habit of doing that for certain TV show finale nights, so we could natter about things rather than go text crazy. (At least, that’s the excuse we use for a good girls night in!) This time was finale night for Sex and the City.

As usual we all tucked into nibbles and loads of alcohol! In fact by the time the program started I wasn’t really following it properly at all. I did however notice Carrie strolling along the street yet again dressed in one of her tutus. This immediately caused me to exclaim “what normal adult woman would even contemplate wearing a tutu!” I pretty soon followed this with a comment to my friend Charlie, another determinedly single person despite being in a long term relationship, that if she ever got married again (I didn’t think it was very likely) I would be her bridesmaid (what a cheek thinking that she would want me) and would wear a tutu (and let me pick my own outfit as well)!!

Time went on, and the conversation was long forgotten – I think the amount of alcohol consumed that night may have had some part in that for me. The next year Charlie and her man went on holiday to New York. Whilst they were away my parents visited the area and stayed at Charlie and her man’s house (it’s absolutely impossible for us all to fit in my tiny flat for any amount of time so this was an ideal opportunity for their visit). By the time Charlie and her man came home I had picked up my parents and taken them back to my place so we could spend some time together before I dropped them off at the station for their journey home. I was therefore a bit bemused when Charlie phoned and asked if we could pop back and visit them before going to the station.

When we got to the house we all sat ourselves down in their living room and had a bit of a chat about the holiday etc. I was then presented with a very pretty pale pink carrier bag that hardly weighed a thing. Very confused I looked at the bag, I hadn’t been expecting a present, Charlie and her man letting my parents stay at their house had been great. Eventually I tugged the drawstring top open and peered inside. I was even more bewildered, all I could see was a jumble of baby pink and a slightly deeper shade of pink netting. I tugged this out of the bag to reveal a minute tutu! You’ve probably drawn the conclusion far more quickly than I did! Charlie’s man had proposed to her whilst in New York, and she had said yes! Oh no!! I was going to look like a baby elephant in a pale pink tutu as a bridesmaid!!!

Well, the only reason I’ve been telling this story is as an excuse to post some pictures. I did wear the tutu, tight as it was, but only for the engagement party (over a long skirt and with a pair of matching pink cowboy boots). So that you can see how small the tutu was here is a picture of it on my teddy bear Bob (he was a bit embarrassed modelling it) who is about 21 inches / 54 cm tall. The reason that I took photos was I because I had decided the tutu was wasted stuck in a carrier bag at home and really ought to get some use. I therefore gave it to another of my work colleagues for his young daughter, who is very girly, after promising Charlie’s man (who had been dragged all around New York to hunt it down) that I would take loads of pictures of it first so we could remember it.

I didn’t have to wear a tutu as a bridesmaid; I didn’t even have to wear pretty pink. Charlie very kindly let me have a lot of choice in the bridesmaids’ outfits which were custom made for us in a lovely deep red. During the groom’s speech however I got a huge shock! Along with my gorgeous Tiffany bracelet I was presented with a tailor made, almost full length, tutu that perfectly matched and could be substituted for the skirt of the proper bridesmaids outfit. So I did end up wearing a tutu on Charlie’s wedding day (as did quite a few other people as it was passed from person to person including a lot of the guys)! In fact here's a picture of it on the best man - the real bridesmaid's skirt is next to it.

Saturday, 3 March 2007

Spit in the Rain

Just been playing old tracks very loudly. This is kind of going back to the Getting Older post. It's a bit noisy upstairs so I now have my stereo on full blast and am going through old CD tracks (the turntable is burried under a pile of junk so can't dig out the vinyl).

Anyway, it resulted in me digging out old CD singles and I eventually got to Del Amitri and Spit in the Rain.
What a track!

You can grin but you can't hide
All the emptiness inside
Since she left you like spit in the rain

Without doubt it is true
She was the only love you knew
Now she's gone it fades away
Like spit in the rain

And you can try to find her
But youll be looking in vain
Because love disappears like spit in the rain

You can try to figure out
Why you mean nothing to her now
But you might just as well
Go spit in the rain

Maybe then you will find
Her sweet memory in your mind
Washed away, and out of sight
Like spit in the rain

Without doubt it is true
Without her there's only you
But with a little luck and with a little time
You'll pull through

This track is just so ironic, but true, you do pull through. It was played over and over when I split up with one of my exes. It seemed appropriate and I used to love walking in the rain. Love it.