Thursday, 5 April 2007

Smashing slate

A better week at work this week. Helped by being shorter (the week, not me) and by the fact that we were released early as a thankyou for all the hard work put in recently. So, having decided to stock up on car washing materials because my originally bright yellow car is now looking a lot closer to black I pootled off to find some. Ended up buying a pressure washer with the idea that I can also use it to clean my patio.

Let me say now I live in a tiny flat, but what sold it to me was the fact that it's on the ground floor and has it's own garden space. Not a big space but enough. When I first looked at the flat the garden was fabulous, but I've never been a gardener and so over the years I've been here it's deteriorated badly. Towards the end of last year I therefore took the step of getting someone in to clear the small very overgrown space and lay down a membrane to stop all the weeds coming through. This was soon followed by the kind delivery from one of the guys at work of a load of slate roof tiles that I could use to break up to cover the membrane. And there they all sat.

Until today, when I decided the time had come to do something with the tiles. I therefore spent the latter part of this afternoon smashing slate roof tiles. I can recommend it as a great stress reliever. I haven't finished yet as it was quite hard work for a very unfit person, and I also developed a nice blister which burst on the inside of my thumb. Don't think I've got quite enough tiles to cover the whole of the area so the current plan is to go and get hold of some more slate scree tomorrow to mix in. I still have a few tiles left to smash though and am quite looking forward to it.

The pressure washer etc. are still in the car boot though. I hope I get round to getting them out and using them before next year!

Will post pics when I find the battery charger for my camera.


Little Miss Moi said...

Dear tinks. Pootled? That's my new favourite word. We had a house with a yard for a while. When we left, $250 was taken from our bond to fix up our negligence...

tinks said...

lmm - I probably have a few more like pootled hidden away in the depths of my occasionally extensive vocabulary.

I'm lucky, I think, it's my flat and if it's in a state when (if I ever, which I don't think is very likely) I leave I'll just get less on the sale price.

I do remember leaving one rented house (there were four of us who rented it) when we were accused of nicking the odd dangly bit from the "chandelier". (That's in quotes because it was more of a very small collection of dangly bits on a diddy light fitting.)

Little Miss Moi said...

hehe diddy... another new word