Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Better do better

Came in tonight after a pleasant night out to find thudding bass bouncing down from upstairs. So, connected the PC to the stereo, doesn't take a lot of effort, and started blasting out tracks in revenge. Then I hit Hard-Fi (a fairly local group), worked my way through a few tracks and got to Better Do Better. It brought back a load of old feelings from very many years ago (I am long past them but must admit I do still have that bitter feeling and a huge lack of trust). It's nice to know that guys feel the same way too though - I was just up to blaming them for everything. Anyway, the track can be found here (at the time of posting you'll hit a track called Living For The Weekend - which I love too, Better Do Better is at the bottom of the list), and the lyrics are below.

You're back, sitting on my doorstep
ah yeah like nothing happened
telling me that that you're free and oh
can you see me again?
Yeah right, you've been kicked out
do you think I'm that stupid?
You say you're free but didn't he just oh oh oh
get tired of you kid

I could not eat for days
I cried so much my face
has never been the same and
and now you're back here with your lies
I hope you realise

You think I'm gonna take you back
you'd better do better than that
I'll tell ya how it's gonna be
don't you never ever come near me
let me tell you how I've been
I've been hiding from my friends
hiding from the world
hiding from myself
you think you'll come round here
start singing in my ear
girl you damaged me
I don't forgive so easily
you better do better than that

Your face makes me want to be sick
ah yeah it's a physical reaction
you'd better leave 'cause you see I
can't - won't be blamed for my actions
oh oh, how I ever loved you
so dumb, how did I ever trust you?
But you and he laughed at me, oh yeah yeah
when you laid together

I could not eat for days
I cried so much my face
has never been the same and
and now you're back here with your lies
I hope you realise


I gave you everything I had girl
but you had to, try and take some more
you went behind my back girl
cheated on me, I was the last to know
did everything we have girl
meant nothing to ya
well I was such a fool
now you come crawling back girl
well let me tell ya, I am through with you

I'm back up off the floor
and I won't get hurt no more
an' I've been waiting for this day when
you'll be back here with your lies
I hope you realise


Say something, say something
say something, say something

You'd better do better than that!


enidd said...

hi tinks, nice to see you back even if you are feeling a bit blue. did they turn their hifi down?

tinks said...

Thanks enidd - it's not so bad, I think I have a permanently bluish approach to life these days, it wouldn't feel right if I couldn't find something to whinge about.

Yes, at least I think so. I did carry on playing stuff for a long while but am sure I did turn it down before I stopped.